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Euro is a division of Peerless Biotech Pvt Ltd

Euro is a division of Peerless Biotech Pvt Ltd  Peerless Biotech Pvt Ltd


History is made by those who dream at EURO, right today we have an eye on 2030. We have clear plan for 2015, we know where we will be by 2020, we have a dream for
2025. Our corporate mission & our corporate philosophy are our guiding stars for our vision.

We have clear plans to emerge as the leader in the Indian Diagnostic Industry within the next few years. We have plans to offer a complete and comprehensive range of
diagnostic products to our customers. From the second year onwards, we have already gone ahead beyond the scope of tangible products and offer various professional services to our customers.

We know, we will be the obvious choice of our customers when they want good quality at good price. We dream to rule the international market by offering the ultimate combination of quality and service at a reasonable price.

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